Making a Koi pond

Artomoro koi experienced in the manufacture and maintenance of koi pond, both concrete and mud pools.

To create a koi and ornamental fish pond is good we have several stages:

1. Design the layout, construction and materials to suit the desired, in accordance with the desires adjusted to Budget Plan (Bill of Materials)

2. Implementation of the manufacturing or construction. construction is done with the manufacture of surveillance in order to avoid leakage of the pool, either in a concrete pool, especially ceramic mud pools.

3. Selection of the appropriate pump engine with engine power, with regard to an extensive and high / deep pool or cubication equivalent to the volume of water, efficient water use in order to smooth circulation of water can be calculated are converted as watt capacity, this is done to reduce the swelling costs operational.
4.instalasi fillter systems and plumbing installations are good. done in order to keep the pool clean and healthy from nitrosomonas bacteria, as well as water purification media filter media for treating nitrates and nitrites in the pool as a result of a koi fish faeces.

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