Koi pond care

Starting from maintenance services (maintenance) koi pond, koi fish cultivation and manufacturing services koi pond.
Then Djumadi koi pond develop a practical and efficient way to manage and cultivate koi.
Our experience in the field in an effort to maintain and grow the koi fish is not as easy as theories in science text books, more than it requires an adjustment as well as micro-climates and micro-biological conditions of each of the different pools. In research that takes many years, we did some research with some sort using koi pond filter media.
In the period of time from a few specimen filter media, the import and domestically, it is known that each media has its own advantages and disadvantages.
From the practical results and analysis in the field we developed a koi pond filter media that is most optimum, we call BIO CLEAN WATER..
BIO CLEAN WATER have proven their feasibility and superiority in the ability to filter and shelf life or durability are relatively permanent.
BIO CLEAN WATER guaranteed quality, natural, suitable for many micro-climates of different conditions, suitable for many models koi pond and filtration.

Besides, we also having a team who are experts in creating, maintaining, cleaning and develop your koi pond