Our Short History

Histroy of Artomoro koi was starting in 1997 in Jl. Kartini Raya, Central Jakarta....

Started this koi business in year 1997.

The founder of Artomoro Koi, Mr. Djumadi had his first encounter with kois in the year 1997.
Without much knowledge at that time, he spent hundred thousands purchasing local kois and had no choice but to set free the kois as the kois ended up discolouring and cannot grow in expected size.

With the wealth of experience of our people in rearing and selling kois, artomoro koi can provide our customers high end quality of Japanese kois and the best level of service. Year 2000 Jumadi has joined with SUNTER koi center that now known as Jakarta koi center. On year 2014 Jumadi has started Djumadi koi pond, a business division that focused to build and maintenance koi pond

With over 17 years of experience within the Koi Industry, Artomoro koi won many koi-contest both local and regional around Jakarta, Tangerang, Bogor and Bekasi
on year 2014 Jumadi and many business partners has joined on Kyuden koi center, a business division that concentrate to selected, breed and grow best kois for koi competitions

Artomoro koi can provide our customers high end quality of local and even imported kois and the best level of service.
Artomoro Koi has a highly qualified and professionally trained team with extensive expertise, experience and koi knowledge.
Our team are trained to understand the health and conditions of the kois by thorough study of the kois, water and all other related microorganisms.
This is to ensure that the kois are in great health and condition at all times.