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We believe that we provide the healthiest, highest quality Koi Fish in Jakarta and we are ready to prove it to you. From Quality, Selection and Service, to Health and Bio-Security
Gives you full support for your enjoyable days with Koi fish.
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Artomoro Koi, having several years in Koi breeding and Koi pond making

There are many reasons why you should choose Artomoro koi fish hatchery as your supplier of Koi.
We go to great lengths to offer you the best and most beautiful fish in the industry.

artomoro koiSelected Koi sale

We have several years in Koi selling experience.
This make Artomoro Koi having many many experience to select best Koi, both local and imported Koi

artomoro koiKoi Ponds Making

Pond maintenance is inevitable for many people.
A properly designed pond can give many years of low maintenance enjoyment.

artomoro koiKoi Ponds Maintenance

When it does come time to clean your pond,
Artomoro Koi offer a wide variety of tools, techniques, workmanship and water treatments to help make your life easier..

artomoro koiFood and Vitamins supply

Choosing the right food for your Koi is one on the most important decisions you must make. We are committed to offering a wide selection of medicated, colour enhancing, growth stimulating and sustaining foods. more

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We offer many best Koi, such as

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